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14 December
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Hi, my name is Linz. I am a freshman in college

I love Kingdom Hearts (it is known to some of my friends as my favorite thing in the world). Besides gaming, I am in a marching band and I love it. I enjoy writing and drawing. So yeah.

My badges of honor, thus far. I'm going to do script frenzy and FINISH it.

Name: Xu, Xavier, XuxavieR... Linz even. :)
Age: 18 (hell yes!)
Hair: Brown and short
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'2"... at most xD

<3 Kingdom Hearts II: FM+ (best game ever)
<3 Final Fantasy
<3 Resident Evil, Resident Evil 2, 4, and 5 more specifically
<3 Sora, I have 3 action figures of him because I am crazy...
<3 Riku because he is such a loser
<3 Writing
<3 Drawing
<3 Band
<3 Flute
<3 My Sexywad <3
<3 Rei Rei and Ikimido
<3 Andrea
<3 Ann
<3 Kristen and Katie
<3 Nikavia
<3 Daniel Diddykins Dudders, because he needs a hug D;
<3 Yaoi
<3 Captain Patty (don't ask)
<3 Leon S. Kennedy
<3 Devil May Cry, Dante is amazing
<3 Axis Powers Hetalia
<3 Alfred and Arthur

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